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Dana Point Football Club

The Early Years

In the Spring of 2020, soccer in Orange County came to a halt.  Access to local parks and schools were completely shut off but the desire for kids to play was not.  We turned to the greatest resource that remained open right here in our own backyard; the Pacific.  In the early morning hours throughout 2020, when most people were still sleeping, the beautiful game was being played by a small group of kids on the sand of Salt Creek Beach.   Their only audience were a few local surfers who would momentarily stop to watch on their way in or out of the water. In the stillness of those mornings, in the misty salt air, football was being played and a lifestyle was born.  It was the love of these morning games, the friendships that were created and the passion of these young footballers that built the Dana Point Football Club.   


Our Crest


Dana Point is known as the whale capital of the world.  An intelligent animal known for it's might, elegance and ability to work together in a pack.  It is why we have chosen the whale to be prominent on our badge and represent our club.  The outer Sun radiates positivity, health and community.  The waves below the whale tail signify dynamism, action and collective movement.  A soccer ball sits atop the whale tail and is what brings our kids together and the foundation of Dana Point FC.  2021 is the year Dana Point FC was founded.


Our Colors: Orange is the color of the sun and represents optimism and energy. Blue represents both the sky and the sea and is associated with open spaces, freedom, intuition, and imagination. 

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